Teon Singletary Graphic Designer

SP Serves LLC

Professional Leadership Development & Personal Coaching and Training

Business Cards

      -$30 for 100 cards

      -$40 for 250 cards

      -$50 for 500 cards 


     -Design & Printing:

        -Starting at $35 per services


        -Starting at $100/month

     -Combo Pack (Design/Marketing):

        -Starting at $125 per services

Logo Designs:

     -Starting at $200 per services

     -Logo recreations/redesigns:

        -Starting at $100 per services

     -Ministry Logo starting at $150 per


note: copyright, patent or trademark 

services are not included.

Business Cards (Front & Back)

*see logo below

Book Cover Design & Book Publishing

Car Sign (magnet)


Business Cards

Logo Design

Video Graphics Design


Call or set appointment to discuss any other graphic designing needs.