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What SP Serves Business Consultant Can Provide You & Your Business?

Are you having questions about your business? Are you performing in your true niche? Do you know your purpose in life? Are you happy with the results you are currently reaping? Do you have a growth plan? 

These are questions one must ask thyself. Our goal is to enhance your business with meaningful solutions to help push your business to the next level. We execute this by providing you with the "First Class Meaningful 8":

     1. First Class Professional Partnership. We will connect and communicate with one another weekly. ($199 value)
     2. Real Life Business Owner Knowledge & Experience (Lessons Learn). ($299 value)
     3. Provide you step by step process on how to strategically pick your niche and live out your true purpose. ($199 value)
     4. As an Certified Coach, I will coach you on legal items you will need for your business to be legit. ($1,999 value)
     5. Coach you on ways to promote your professional business effectively. FREE 100 Business Cards. ($59 value)
     6. Growth Plan that will push you and your team to the next level of reaching your goals. FREE 1 hour session. ($199 value)
     7. Mentorship that will help you to be, do and have more in life. ($1,999 value)
     8. Proof of Partnerships with Successful Small Businesses.

The true value of this service is $4,953 per month. You have the opportunity to

purchase this full compact, life-changing product for only

$250 per month.

As you see on our "Mentorship Programs" page, I have my own growth plan and have strategically partnered up with successful mentors, like: John C. Maxwell, Zig Ziglar and multiple Community Leaders and Business Owners. Our goal is to come along side you and your company, where we can together pinpoint any constraints and formulate an realistic, effective solution to increase productivity and profits. That's our goal, that's our purpose. So help us help you. You may do this by contacting us today and setting up a free one-on-one luncheon, business meeting, or conference call. Contact us today!

"Businesses & Organizations Currently In Partnership or Mentorship With"