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We Were Healed

by Rebecca M. Brown

"He bore our sickness, and carried our infirmities, and took them away from us." (Matthews 8:16-17)

About the Book

We Were Healed (by Rebecca M. Brown) is a thought provoking book on the subject of divine healing. Real life events. An amazing journey from Pain to Power, from Sickness to Health, from a Sharecropper's Daughter to the pages of a Best Seller. The testimonies will astound you. Read about Rebecca's car taking a dive off a mountain top, and how God miraculously saved her life. You will be speechless when you read about the near death experience and her husband being stricken with a life threatening crippling health, and much more. Reading this book will refresh your Spirit, renew your Mind and bring healing to your Body. It will restore your faith in divine healing and Jesus Christ, the divine healer. It is a life changing experience.

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